2020/05/12 updated workflows

2019/07/28 – HEBREW translation delivered –               Thank you Karin Cheltowski
2019/06/17 – HUNGARIAN translation delivered –           Thank you Gábor Horváth
2019/06/05 – CROATIAN translation delivered         – Thank your Anoucha Galeazzi
2019/05/31 – IRANIAN translation delivered  – Thank you Anoucha and Assieh Mir
2019/05/27 – CHINESE translation delivered             – Thank you to Heinz and Yan
2019/05/21 – FINISH translation delivered – Thank you to Sakari from simplebim

 + 2019/05/14 + BIM AWARDS 2019 + submission delivered + thanks to ALL of YOU +
2019/05/14 – BRAZILIAN translation delivered – Thank you Raphaela, D Harbach
2019/05/14 – POLISH translation delivered                – Thank you Dorota Di Biase
2019/05/13 – ROMANIAN translation delivered          – Thank you  Kaspar Michel 
2019/05/13 – ARABIC translation delivered      – Thank you Redouane Boumaref
2019/05/12 – ITALIAN translation delivered                  – Thank you Tony Di Biase
2019/05/09 – SPANISH translation delivered      – Thank you Don Oliver Bermejo
2019/05/09 – HINDI translation delivered                 – Thank you Parveen Sharma
2019/05/08 – CZECH translation delivered        – Thank you Veronika & Michal R.
2019/05/07 – GERMAN translation delivered with update   – Thank you David S.
2019/05/06 – DUTCH translation delivered                               – Thank you Henny
2019/05/06 – GREEK translation delivered                                    – Thank you Niko
2019/05/05 – RUSSIAN translation delivered                                – Thank you Olga
2019/05/04 – FRENCH translation delivered                                                              
2019/05/02 – VIETNAMESE translation delivered             – Thank you Leha & HD
2019/05/01 – ENGLISH – original clause version 2.17 approved                             



Combining the knowledge from an architect and a real estate manager
BIM related databases are at the crossroads of Information Technology, Legal ties, Real Estate with a significant willingness to intensify the Collaboration, Coordination and Communication of a real estate project

“The benefits using BIM in conjunction with the Siemens Building Operation System – bOS (Digital Lifecycle Core – DLC) which runs the Digital Twin and is able to take Live Data of buildings in operation. The bOS is the open middle layer platform which manages all the datapoints and the Live Data in the BIM model centrally and provides the possibility to share it with all applications top. This is crucial for the building IT operation, that you can really easily deploy new applications which need live data […] CAFM.
Later on visualization presented direct in a 3D model, the Digital Twin.”    

Gerald Konegger

LifeScience Key Account Manager SIEMENS Building Technologies

 Bildergebnis für ifc logo  design operate

Real estate professionals and Students at HEIA Haute Ecole d’Ingéniérie et d’Architecture de Fribourg

Passionate about Building Information Management and Life Cycle Data Management



What is the point having a professional BIM Execution Plan, organizing the data drops, defining the level of Details, levels of Accuracy, levels of Information if the providers are heaving a headache to generate the data in an efficient way. Basicaly the Clause can be inserted in the IDM information Delivery Manual during the DESIGN phase, but during the PROCUREMENT phase it makes most sense. For late adopters, the workflow can be adapted later on during the ASSEMBLE phase or even the OPERATION. Main advantage would be to let the suppliers provide the necessary informations as early as possible on “one shot”



What is the point in gathering loads of information during the life cycle of a building project and the following asset management with linked maintenance and facility management. Interoperability can only be achieved when all systems speak a common open language – ifc


Why BIM Columbus ?

Because we like to be thinking out of the box. When Christopherus Columbus organised his journey across the Atlantic Ocean, he did it differently and discovered a New World in 1492. We love his story with the EGG which gave us inspiration for the name of our BIM Clause. And we love the saying that “For those who are patient even EGGS can fly…”

We got translation help from all over the World to spread the word for a simple and efficient BIM from Design, Procure, Asemble and Operate activities !


 HwwwThis project was only possible to be developed and implemented in openBIM thanks to the invaluable help of :



ifcThermal |www.energie-solaire.com |Wolfgang Thiele CEO, Olivier Graf, Alain Quartier

ifcElectricalDevice | Siemens building Technologies |  Gérald Konegger / Manuel Zanutto |

 ifcWindow | internorm.ch |Ludovic Cretenoud
ifcDoor | xinnix.eu | chris Vermeulen CEO | ifcTransportElement | kone  |
ifcCovering | nora.com |
ifcCovering | swisspor.ch |Caillère

ifcLamp | Zumtobel.ch | Papaux
ifcLamp | bawitech.ch |



architect – architecture360 | Sylvain Vernez, Christophe Hayoz, Gaelle Despond and Kevin Asciano |
3D Scan – scantobim.ch | BIM methodology – Bimfluent.com |
|Facility management – bimtofm.ch |
Lightning equipment broker | pelcor | Patrice Pellet
Electrical Engineer | Risse Engineering | Maximilien Clément / Cedric Alleman
Public Tenders | Niko von Rudy
Support Graphical Design | Nicolas Gegu
Plumbing Heating engineer | energil | Yoan Christian Gil Clément
Structural Engineer | SD | Yannick Jeckelmann |



Blum&Grob – David Schwaninger


|S|O|F|T|W|A|R|E |

AxeoBIM – Patrick Lahaye – Etienne Zagari | Datacubist – Sakari Lethinen &  |Valter Chieppa Philippe BUTTY – Abvent Switzerland | Architecture 360 – Sylvain Vernez, Christophe Hayoz Gaelle Despond and Kevin Asciano |
datawrapper.de for the worldmap
Divi for the website
Infomaniak.ch for the hosting
simplebim for the enrichment of our IFC Database and cross checking of Data




 |B|I|M|    |W|O|R|K|F|L|O|W|S|

buildingSmart International the HOME of BIM
bauen-digital.ch the SWISS Home of BIM


|T|R|A|N|S|L|A|T|I|O|N|     |T|E|A|M|

Please find hereafter an EXTRACT of the BIM Columbus clause for the various languages. It is the first part. The complete clause in all languages will be published once the Students works at the High Engineering school of Fribourg heia-fr.ch. Furthermore this innovation was part of the submission process for the BIM Awards 2019

| Chinese Heinz & J |

|Hindi – Parveen Sharma @ thebimengineers.com |

|Vietnamese – Leha NG|

|Romanian Kaspar Michel |

 |Croatian – Anoucha Galeazzi |

 |Polish – Dorota Di Biase |

 | Czechčeský jazyk – Veronika & Michal R. |

| Russian – Olga Kuznetcova|

| Finish – Sakari L |

| Dutch – Hendrika V. |

 | Greek – Niko von R. |

| Persian – Mrs. Assieh MIR  |

|Arabic – Redouane B. | 

|German – David S. | 

| Spanish – Don Oliver Bermejo |

 |Italian – Tony Di Biase |

 |Portugese/Brasilian – Dany H./ Rafaella |

|French – Thomas Doering / Sylvain Vernez |

|Original clause in English by Thomas Doering|

Our warmest “thank you” and acknowledgement for the tremendous support we received from our worldwide translation team, suppliers, family members, business partners encourage us to promote even more an openBIM knowledge and cross-boarder collaboration.

The translations of the Bim Columbus Clause is provided “as is” before using them in your jurisdiction you are kindly invited to get approval from your local lawyer, no responsibility can be taken whatsoever for the use. thank you for your understanding

All logos and trademarks are from their respectives owners, pictures are mainly from unsplash, the IFC Logo and buildingSmart Logo belong to buildingSmart International.







MEET THE BIM Columbus TEAM (ifcActor)

Professor and architect, experiences architect and a real estate lawyer were the perfect match :

Sylvain Vernez

Sylvain Vernez

Architect - BIM manager

Student at the Haute Ecole d’Ingenierie  et d’Architecture de Fribourg (Switzerland)

Thomas Doering

Thomas Doering

Master of Law - BIM manager

Student at the Haute Ecole d’Ingenierie  et d’Architecture de Fribourg (Switzerland)

We delivered very early, during the Design phase, the electronic BIM Files of our Kigo panels to the project team. They could carry out their collision checks, coordinate with the electrician the distances between them for further access during maintenance and the duct fixings to avoid any trouble during the assembly. A very smooth and  efficient workflow.

Wolfgang Thiele

CEO, energie-solaire.com