Workflows in openBIM live tested in use case

BIM (Building Information Management) is all about managing Information
Collaboration, Coordination and Communication and the BIM Columbus Clause

This was sucesfully implemented in a new FullBIM hospital building in Fribourg (Switzerland)

ifcSlab on 26th September 2018

ifcDoor 27th May 2019

Population of the ifc database was generated from an excel file provided by the suppliers and generated with a semi-automatic workflow with the software simplebim from Datacubist in Finland





The IFC Logo has four components : DESIGN, PROCURE, ASSEMBLE, OPERATE. Added value is created during the early steps of a building project to setup a common data environment in order to gather the data, especially the non geometric data, as early as possible and as precise as possible to avoid numerous time consuming iterations. Significant savings can be achieved, we estimate that unnecessary retyping of data in various software systems, building costs can be reduced by about 1.5%. Every given a thought about the process you are using to fill your fridge ? Basically populating an openBIM database with reliable IFC Data seems quite similar.







Extract, Transform and Load the suppliers Product Specifications Sheets getting from an excel or open office file the product sheet filled out by the supplier, this can be processed within minutes with the help of simplebim software ( into the openBIM ifc database or ifc Model





Design, Procure, Assemble, Operate, the relation between owners and suppliers usually takes place during the whole building life cycle. Getting the data early helps improve the life cycle data management, gettting the Documentation improves the Facility Management. The collaboration takes place between the owner, the bim manager, the architect, the bim modeler, the planners, the installers, the suppliers, the authoritites and the facility management crew.